How do I close my account or delete my data?

If you’d like to close your Luno account or delete your data, there isn’t a way that you can currently do it yourself. We’re here to help though!

Here’s how

Closing your account

We’re really sorry to see you go. If you have a zero balance in your local currency wallet, as well as your cryptocurrency wallet/s, we can close your account for you.


Not sure how to withdraw funds? No problem. Find out how to here.

You can ask us to close your account here, and we’ll get right on that for you. We’ll be in touch to let you know as soon as it’s closed.

Also, if you could tell us the reason/s why you’d like to close your account, it will be much appreciated by the team. Feedback such as this often helps us improve our service.

Deleting your data

We respect your right to erasure and to ask for your data to be deleted. You can ask us to delete your data here, and someone from our team will be in touch as soon as we’ve done that for you.


If you’re asking us to delete your data because you suspect that your account might have been compromised, we’ve rounded up some tips to help you secure your account here.